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National Council of Churches

Jun 24, 2016

From his post at the US State Department, Special Representative for Religion and Global Affairs Dr. Shaun Casey has a unique perspective on the global refugee crisis and the role churches play in resettlement.

For this episode of the National Council of Churches’ podcast, we will have a conversation with Shaun Casey...

Jun 17, 2016

Once again, America awoke to the reality of another mass shooting, this time arguably the worst in US history.  And once again, Congress seems unable, or unwilling, to act in any meaningful ways to put an end to this violence.

Today we will talk with Lucy McBath, who became an activist after her son, Jordan Davis,...

Jun 4, 2016

For Muslims, the holy month of Ramadan begins Sunday night.  It marks a month of restraint, self-reflection, and community gatherings.  It is a time of both deprivation and celebration.

This week we will speak with Shaarik Zafar, Special Representative to Muslim Communities, a diplomat with the US State Department....